KNIGHTS, LCA is a Limited Cooperative Association

KNIGHTS believe in the KNIGHTS’ Trinity – Universal Liberties, Universal (Regenerative) Providence, and Universal Virtues all of which are above anything else (including non-universal Religion, Politics and Culture), furthermore upheld by the Social Contract Model.  To accomplish our goals and stay true to our beliefs we pay each other 100% Fruit of Labor (Universal Incomes).  We do this through a Commons-based Peer Production – Open Value Platform.  We share in the Regenerative Providence of surplus bounty in goods and services.   We can lease personal property to the SOCIALMARKET in a non-collectivist manner to preserve individualism and personhood.

We can build value in A New Economy together.  Members hedge GIFT Currency (Store credit) against the old economy and the destructive fine (tax) of inflation that has been propping up our economy for decades.

Members can Know Hope by participating in a Capital Gains based economy through purchasing products and services as a cooperator or by collaborating in the peer production of high quality products and services.

A living pension plan is built-in to the open value platform we are building.  Every 120 months GIFT Currency is returned to members for past purchases.  Truly the GIFT that keeps on giving.

GIFT Currency can also be staked for Capital Gains.  For every dollar that is purchased in gift currency the exchange rate of GRACE to GIFT increases.  This creates an unlimited resource to members and governments to cover the Patriotic Patronage Tax (short and long term capital gains) and a way to beat the hidden fine (tax) of inflation.   Capital Gains is the only tax that does not erode Universal Liberties.

For now with the correct staking of GRACE for GIFT we can pay all of our taxes that currently destroy our Universal Liberties.  We do not have to pay fines (taxes) if we earn and keep 100% Fruit of Labor.  In the future we hope to have a distributed/decentralized app and cryptocurrency platform to automatically pay each other 100% Property and Patronize governments in Capital Gains for Protecting our Universal Liberties that they are taxed with defending.

Until then we can just stake GIFT for GRACE to pursue happiness as our Creator/Nature, Forefathers, and Constitution intended.

Combining a Universal Liberties based economic system with a Universal (Regenerative) Providence platform and using Universal Virtues together with a social contract model we can change lives.  We can stop the War on Culture, the Cycle of Hate, Economic caused crime, and begin to eliminate the need for dozens for redundant movements (#METOO, #BLACKLIVESMATTER), non-universal religions, Trade Unions, Taxes, Fines, Tariffs, etc.

We wouldn’t need all of the platforms and movements of our time if we all defended and protected each others’ Universal Liberties (Life, Liberty and Property – 100% Fruit of Labor).

Universal Liberties are above non-universal Religion, Politics and Culture.  Our Creator/Nature gave us inalienable rights that cannot be given or taken away from us.  When people are victimized and defrauded they naturally protect themselves the best way they know how.  This all has changed since 09/24/2017 with the 266 Year Re-boot of the Original SOCIAL MARKET of the Christmas City, PA and the 148 year re-founding of the Knights of Labor (KNIGHTS).  The date 09/24/2017 coincides with the prophesied first day after the end of the world (Revelations 12 Sign) a 7000 year cycle.  The KNIGHTS’ Trinity changes the paradigm that the Original Knights of Labor of 1869 and the 1751-52 Social Market tried to use to fix the economy.

We need to expose Know Nothings (political movement), Dark Web Intellectuals, Robber Barons, Industrialists, Tycoons, and today’s Trumps that propagate the War on Culture, the Cycle Of Hate and the profiteering of conspiracy theories.  We need a stronger platform to destroy any attack these evil people will throw at us.  We need history to be on our side and be on the right side of history as we grow our new SOCIALMARKET.

There are three known truths in our world.  The first is that today’s governments were established by us to protect our Life, Liberty and Property (100% Fruit of Labor) known as our Universal Liberties that our Creator/Nature gave us.  And secondly, that there is a Regenerative Providence that can be harnessed to supply everyone with everything they need if we only allow nature to replenish itself faster than we consume it.   Thirdly, there is a social contract model that has been built over time to balance the Robber Barons, Know Nothings, and Dark Web Intellectuals that profit from Human Toil (Human Rentals) with the KNOWSOME (the people that have the knowledge of the KNIGHTS’s Trinity- Universal Liberties, Regenerative Providence, and the Social Contact Model).

By exposing bad behaviors of individuals and corporations that profit from Human Rentals and rewarding people for good behaviors with a living pension, 100% Fruit of Labor, and unlimited capital gains we can make this world great for everyone; for the first time in history.

We are taking a new path that is above Religion, Politics and Culture to overcome evil in our society.  We are going to be on the right side of history if they like it or not.  This is not a war on the wealthy.  We are all going to be extremely wealthy through our Labor, Regenerative Providence and Capital Gains (GRACE) of the SOCIALMARKET.  This is a war on Profit (theft of other’s fruit of labor).  And we have the proof of history that taking from one another is not sustainable in the long run.  Each year Dark Web Intellectuals must turn up the Fake News Conspiracy to hide their theft (Profits).

The morality of our nation has been relentlessly attacked to lower wages of immigrants and women.  Every time we show the devastation of our economy as portrayed by local crime with a focus on brown skin people or women that have been sexually assaulted we miss an opportunity to educate the public of why this is all happening.  To further add insult to injury Dark Web Intellectuals directly profit (steal) more of minorities and womens fruit of labor through lowered wages.  Their thinking?  If we destroy certain reputations we can steal more money through profits (wage theft).

This also has multiple benefits to their immoral plan to harm people that do not perpetuate the war on culture or cycle of hate.  This also helps elect politicians to further the destruction to our society and economy in the name of profits.  The sad and sick thing is Archaic Conservatives and Tea Party members are the reason people are criminals or so called undesirable people in our society.  The war on culture is real and defines the Religion (or lack there of), Politics and Culture of minorities that White Males so detest.   This is known as the Cycle of Hate and is one of the most devious plans to ever reshape a whole society.

Privileged Whites (Dark web Intellectuals) hate minorities and immigrants for their Religion, Politics and Culture.  This class of citizen uses their Religion, Politics and Culture to protect themselves, their families and communities as would anyone else being victimized and defrauded for hundreds of years.  Even after these unjustly attacked individuals use their only available defenses to survive; Dark Web Intellectuals unrelentlessly point to their survival instincts to further demonize and demoralize them as evidence that they are different in some way from other Americans. This is used to further steal even more of their wages to earn more profits.  It is this Cycle of Hate that has been perpetuating the Archaic Conservative movement for eons.

There is no person alive today that was able to truly earn 100% Fruit of Labor free from taxes (fines).  This is the Social Contract Model we all uphold.  We can not be tax free if we steal others’ fruit of labor.  The Original American Dream was to be free from Indentured Servitude and earn our tools or skills to become self-employed trades-people.  The goal of the American Dream is to earn 100% Fruit of Labor and have Liberty in our Toil to pursue happiness.  This has been the American Dream from the beginning.  We are a product of our Universal Liberties.  If we do not receive our Creator/Nature given rights we are not the people we are intended to be.  We are wage slaves and our Religion, Politics and Culture has been shaped by our indentured servitude.

We can not be judged by our indentured servitude or by its unintended consequences.   We can not be furtherly enslaved by our own Religion, Politics, and Culture that has been molded by our wage slavery.  It is not our fault that we have been victimized and defrauded for dozens of generations.  It is not our fault that our parents and grandparents were not able to hand down property from their Fruit of Labor.  Since 09/24/2017 this has all changed.  We are turning the tides of Hate and War against our suppressors.  We are going to fight a different battle that does not take power or wealth away from our oppressors.  I know this sounds antithetical to the goals of the Original Knights of Labor though I promise you it is not.

We instead are going to err on the side of Grace.  We are going to educate Dark Web Intellectuals that there is a better way forward.  There is an unlimited amount of wealth to be had through the SOCIALMARKET economy.  Yes, Profit is going to be on the wrong side of history though Grace (Capital Gains) is going to build wealth for generations to come.  Labor can be passed down from generation to generation through the SOCIALMARKET.  A Living Pension is built-in to the consumerism aspect of SOCIALMARKET so your family and neighbors will be self sustainable over time.

Today’s Knights of Labor (KNIGHTS, LCA) is not a direct assault on Business Owners or wage theft as it was in 1869.  We are not a Trade union this time around.  We got smarter and learned our lesson.  Though today we are going to show that owning businesses is not a wealth building enterprise as it once was.  You will not be able to earn as much money after taxes as you will through the SOCIALMARKET.    You can still own property and lease it to the SOCIALMARKET/KNIGHTS to earn GRACE (an ever increasing capital gain).  You can exchange GRACE for GIFT and have a Living Pension through GIFT (store credit) being returned to you every 120 months.

We are anti-communist, anti-socialist and anti-collectivist.  We truly believe in the KNIGHTS’ Trinity and you can not have personhood without property ownership.  You can not have Universal Liberties with collectivism or taxes (fines).  We can however uphold the Social Contract Model with Capital Gains taxes.  Capital Gains does not erode Universal Liberties and can be used as a Patronage Tax to reward governments for doing their job of protecting our Universal Liberties that they are taxed with defending.

We can change the economy which today is a “No Sum Game” after taxes (fines.)  We can live just lives as our Creator/Nature Intended through the SOCIALMARKET.  No longer will you have to work for someone else or start a business that will ultimately end in bankruptcy.  You do not have to put up collateral or risk your retirement savings to ensure your livelihood.  You just have to buy products and services from the SOCIALMARKET or collaborate in building a better economy and society through hard work and property leasing.  We can be Spiritually Patriotic citizens and still create wealth without Fake News Conspiracies, the War On Culture, or fueling the Cycle of Hate.

We do not have to die paying taxes (fines), tariffs or estate taxes,.  We do not have to die from starvation, homelessness, or from the lack of healthcare.  Our Fruit of Labor can carry on after we leave this world and live on in eternity.