The Original Knights of Labor (1869) where particularly committed to the creation of worker cooperatives that would “supersede the wage system.” Reform of the social and economic system was ultimately the goal, not piecemeal legislative change or industrial bargaining. They advanced what is sometimes known as a “producerism,” which contends that only producers of material wealth generate real social value. The Knights sought to organize the broad “producing classes” and those engaged in “useful industry” against “all monopolists of the products of human labor” and the “non-producing classes” who survive on “public plunder.” “Living by and on the labor of others is dishonest, and should be branded as such.” The eventual task was the “complete emancipation of wealth-producers from the thralldom and loss of wage-slavery” and the “idolatry of wealth” over “heaven-ordained labor.” [1]

[1] Terence V. Powderly, Thirty Years of Labor, 1859 to 1889 (Columbus, OH: Excelsior Publishing, 1889), 101-104, 161, 168.

After 09/24/2017 a KNIGHTS’ “Union” is defined as an Open Value Platform and no longer a intermediary between Human Rentals, the stock market and Wage Slave Holders.  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result.  The wage system has proven to be a “no sum” game over the past 150 years.  It is time for a Collaborative Revolution that protects Universal Liberties.  It is time for A New Economy; a more perfect Union.

Today almost 150 years after the Founding of the K of L we have re-formed the KNIGHTS into an open value platform to protect and defend Universal Liberties, Universal Providence, and Universal Virtues through the Social Contract Model.  We have learned from the past that we do not need to Unionize Labor; instead we can form a Commons-based Peer Production Platform using the technologies of today (Distributed Apps and Cryptocurrencies).

We can prove our 150 year old concept of Producerism (Open Value Platform) is more efficient than the wage system.  Could industry be able to rebate 100% of Purchases every 120 months over and over again to create a Living Pension?  Could a GIFT Currency be exchanged for a token to earn unlimited capital gains in a traditional business?  Could workers receive 100% Fruit of Labor from any public, private or so called non-profit companies today?

We all know the answers to these questions.  The wage system is a “no sum” game.  It always was and will be.  You can not take from one person’s inalienable right of Life, Liberty and Property (100% Fruit of Labor) and expect there not to be consequences. A Social Contract Model was established to help justify these wrongs with a graduated income tax (fine).  Though today Robber Barons (Dark Web Intellectuals) have successfully lobbied to establish the majority of 1800+ U.S. Policies between the years 1981-2004 to further erode our Universal Liberties and try to break the Social Contract Model that protects our 100% Property rights through fines (taxes).

The SOCIALMARKET can change the paradigm of wealth creation.  Taking us away from wage-slavery (Human Rentals) to a Capital Gain based economy for everyone.

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