The Original Knights of Labor (1869) became very prominent in Texas, the South and Midwest in the late 1800’s.  This was before Robber Barons (Dark Web Intellectuals) took over the Conservative Party.

Conservatives can take back their party, country, and Economy through A New Economy called the SOCIALMARKET.  We need to once again become Socially Conservative (Social Contract Model) in our Universal Liberties, Universal Providence, and Universal Virtues.

We need Universal Incomes (100% Fruit of Labor) to be Spiritually Patriotic citizens and complete the Social Contract Model.  We can all do this today through the SOCIALMARKET Open Value Platform. We can limit government to focus on the job they have been hired to do.  Government is taxed with protecting our Universal Liberties and we can dissolve it if they do not meet the Social Contract Model standards.

The Original American Dream was to be free from Indentured Servitude and purchase tools and learn trades to never work for anyone again.  We need to bring the Original American Dream back to our Great Nation.

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